Cargill Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving Guidelines

Focus Areas

Food Security and Nutrition: We support partners working to address hunger, improve nutrition and increase agricultural productivity.

Education: We support programs and projects that improve access to primary and secondary education for children; build skills in science, technology and engineering; and partnerships with higher education institutions in the areas of agriculture, food security and food safety.

Environmental stewardship: We partner with organizations that demonstrate global leadership in protecting our natural resources and promote sustainable agricultural practices in our communities and supply chains.

Evaluation criteria

  • Cargill provides contributions only to registered nonprofit, nongovernmental, civic or educational organizations that comply with local tax laws
  • We support organizations that demonstrate leadership, evidence of impact, financial soundness and the capacity to implement initiatives and evaluate their success
  • The organization, program or project must: Align with Cargill’s corporate responsibility and business priorities
  • Align with Cargill’s principles around inclusion and diversity as embodied in our Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct
  • Serve communities in which Cargill has a business presence
  • Engage Cargill employees and leverage their expertise
  • Address long-term solutions to issues
  • Have clear objectives, indicators of success, and a plan to measure and report on the outcomes
  • Provide opportunities to collaborate with others (e.g., other government, civil society or industry partners working on similar issues)

We do not typically support

  • Organizations without 501c3 status or the equivalent in-country charitable status
  • Capital campaigns/capital expenditures and endowment campaigns
  • General and/or ongoing operational support
  • Religious groups for religious purposes
  • Lobbying/political organizations for political purposes
  • Sports events and athletic groups
  • Disease related causes or research
  • Individuals or individual needs
  • Travel
  • Advertising, Publications, films or television production or programming
  • Sporting events or athletic programs
  • Sponsorship, fundraising, special events

To apply

Through our corporate giving program, Cargill provides the following:

Corporate grants. We provide grants to select national and global nonprofit and nongovernmental (NGOs) partners that serve communities in which we have a business presence. We support partners working within our focus areas of food security and nutrition, education and environmental stewardship. To apply, complete our grant inquiry.

Matching funds. We provide matching dollars for our facilities and Cargill Cares Councils contributions to support local organizations that fit within the corporate focus areas.

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